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Ice Cube Melting

Here is a simple practice you can incorporate into your day with relative ease no matter how busy you are. It is a small yet real way to foster peace within yourself and bring a measure of peace into the world. Over time, it can become a sacred daily ritual with profound effects.

Upon waking or before you begin your work day, remove an ice cube from your freezer and place it in a cup, saucer, or bowl. Set the container in a room temperature place where it will remain undisturbed by pets or children.

See the ice cube as representing fear, your own fear in all the ways it shows up, as well as fear in the world.  Silently or out loud say, “This represents fear. I am willing to allow my feelings of fear to soften and melt away.”

Go about your day.

At a convenient time later in the day, bring your attention again to the container. Notice the water now in the liquid state. See it as representing fear transformed. Bless the water. Use this water to nourish a plant in your home. Or, go outdoors and pour it onto a place where, symbolizing your intention of contributing to healing on Earth, this modicum of water can nourish some tiny living thing.