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Compassion Do past regrets and feelings of embarrassment sometimes pop up in your thoughts and emotions? Do you ever look back and “kick yourself” for something you did that you judge as “stupid”?


Instead of being stuck in hurt and more judging, such moments can be seen as opportunities for healing.


Being human, we’ve probably all got some yet-to-be-resolved issues “stuck,” in our consciousness and in our bodies. When they bubble up from their storage places, it can be a good thing because, when they do, we can free ourselves of some negative energy. We can also grow in compassion and wisdom.


How? Here’s one approach that I’ve found to be helpful.


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Margaret from Pennsylvania told me about an experience she’d had thirty years ago, when she was in her early twenties. One day, during a time of depression and uncertainty, she’d suddenly realized that everyone who is now living, as well as everyone who has ever lived, had a sense of how she felt because they, too, have felt emotional pain and confusion at some point in their lives.


“In that moment, I became aware that thousands, millions, maybe a billion, maybe billions of people on the planet were hurting in some way right then, at the same time as I was,” she said. “Even though they did not know me personally, they knew how I felt and I knew how they felt… not exactly, but we all knew pain. In that moment, my heart burst open. I felt compassion for them and compassion for me. I try to remember that experience whenever I sink into depression and feel alone in my own sadness. It helps me to be kinder to myself and to others.”

The story above is reprinted with permission from TOUCHSTONES: STORIES FOR LIVING THE TWELVE GIFTS ©2012 by Charlene Costanzo

Let’s let Margaret’s ah-ha moment remind us to be kind to ourselves and others.




Red Flower Brown Tree Why not appreciate the contrasts among us and respect all surface appearances and perspectives about life and the universe… all our differences?


Cultivating reverence for all people and being open to all points of view is what will lift us to new heights of freedom, peace, and prosperity.


We can’t stop the “madness” of others but we can stop ourselves from adding to it. We can refrain from mean-spirited talk. We can walk away from it. We can speak for harmony. We can teach the value of respect to all our children by modeling it for them in this way.


Diversity is a good thing. It supports life, growth, healing, and discovering. Let’s honor it. We can express what we believe with maturity and grace.


We can bring peace, respect, and kindness into the world, each one of us can. It’s the only way…one by one.