Meet Charlene

Charlene works from the belief that all children are born with inner strength, beauty, courage, compassion, hope, joy, talent, imagination, reverence, wisdom, love, and faith as well as other inherent gifts of life.

Can you imagine every child feeling worthy and valuable? Respectful of self and others? From her experience of reading The Twelve Charlene close up Gifts of Birth to thousands of children throughout the United States, Charlene is convinced that, deep down, all children know they are good and gifted. They are born with this understanding in their hearts and souls. But it needs to be protected and cultivated. All too often children hear messages that wear away at this truth. We all do. At all ages and stages of life we hear words of fear and doom, shame and blame, lack and negativity. In order to live richly, happily, and healthily, we need to be encouraged regularly to reach for the treasure within and bring life’s gifts into all that we do – for ourselves and for the good of all.

Toward that objective, Charlene offers ways to nurture these gifts in books, presentations, and workshops; on websites; and through projects funded by The Twelve Gifts of Birth Foundation. These “ways” include the use of inspirational quotes, affirmations, anchoring activities, music, videos, tips, toys, tools, touchstone stories, and more.

With a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, Charlene loves to explore and share ideas, especially about philosophy, psychology, spirituality, healing, conscious parenting and peace-building.

She also loves to read, write, dance, drum, dabble in arts and crafts, hike, swim, travel, hear from readers, and spend time with family, especially playing with her twin grandchildren, who inspire her more than ever to create ways for everyone to better see and appreciate life’s gifts.

Charlene grew up in Linden, New Jersey in the midst of a large extended family. Summertime stays at an aunt’s shore home helped to cultivate her love of nature and sense of wonderment. She spend her next twenty years of growing in her husband’s hometown of Jamestown, New York, again with the benefit of extended family. After raising their daughters, Stephanie and Krista, Charlene and her husband Frank moved from western New York state to the western state of Arizona, where her awe for the earth was deepened by the wide-open beauty of the desert and the spectacular Red Rocks of Sedona. To launch The Twelve Gifts of Birth, Charlene and Frank moved from a house in Phoenix into a motor home so they could pursue their shared dreams of spreading The Twelve Gifts message throughout the country and living for a time in every state of the union.

Her published books include: The Twelve Gifts of Birth, The Twelve Gifts for Healing, The Twelve Gifts in Marriage, The Thirteenth Gift, and Touchstones: Stories for Living The Twelve Gifts.