Affirm The Twelve Gifts





Yes. I am strong and powerful.                    Courage

I remember to call upon strength whenever I need it.

Beauty. Yes. I see my own beauty and the beauty in others. My thoughts, words, and actions reflect my magnificent inner beauty.

Courage. Yes. I speak and act with confidence and use courage
to follow my own path.

 Compassion. Yes. I am gentle and kind with myself and others. I forgive those who hurt me and myself when I make mistakes.

Hope Stone Hope. Yes. I trust the goodness of life and in all that is unfolding now.

Joy. Yes. My heart is open and filled with light. I am grateful for all my gifts.

Talent. Yes. I recognize my special abilities and interests and I enjoy sharing them with others. And, I know that I can make the world a better place.

Imagination. Yes. I value my imagination and I use it to nourish my visions and dreams.

Reverence. Yes. I appreciate the miracle of all creation and my part in it.

Wisdom. Yes. I hear the soft voice of wisdom and I follow its guidance.

Faith art

Love. Yes. I know that love grows as I share it. I give and receive love every chance I get.

Faith. Yes. I have faith.