Get Vitamin N

Get Vitamin NWe all need “Vitamin N.” What’s that? Time in nature.
Are your children getting enough? Are you?

According to Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, a nature-deficit-disorder is growing among us.


The average child spends only a few minutes outdoors  each day and four or more hours indoors with electronics.



Some pediatricians are now “prescribing” time outdoors Playing in Leaves
for their young patients.



The American Academy of Pediatrics 
recommends at least 60 minutes per day of outdoor unstructured play for children.


Studies show that one hour in nature improves memory, attention span, cooperation, and creativity.


Girl Appreciating NatureJust like we need amino acids for our physical bodies, we need a regular supply of time in nature – Vitamin N.


Even just fifteen minutes per day can make a big difference, says author Rebecca P. Cohen. In Fifteen Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids, you can find…well… 365 ideas.



You already know many. Depending on the season:  Blow bubbles. Toss a ball. Watch clouds. Jump rope. Ride bikes. Have a picnic. Play I Spy, Follow the Leader, Hopscotch. Hide and Seek, Mother May I, Simon Says. Ride on swFather And Son Walking Rural Footpathings. Walk a dog. Play in a sandbox. Look for birds, squirrels, bugs, butterflies. Collect leaves. Rake leaves. Make a snowman. Draw with chalk. Simply walk and talk.