The Twelve Gifts for Healing

The Twelve Gifts for Healing  Written while Charlene faced advanced cancer, this message offers hope for all who seek any kind of healing.

In every life there are times of overwhelming pain, loss, and uncertainty. Through a compassionate, inspiring tale, The Twelve Gifts for Healing offers words of encouragement that remind us to reach inside to find peace and strength whenever we face hardships. This beautifully-illustrated keepsake book from the author of The Twelve Gifts of Birth provides readers with renewed faith in themselves to help them through difficult times – whether the challenge is an illness, divorce, or death of a loved one.

The Twelve Gifts for Healing opens with the story of a troubled woman searching for healing with the help of Mater, a wise woman. Her discovery and the twelve affirmations that follow give readers comfort, hope, and a sense of peace, as well as the promise of opportunity in the midst of loss.

With a gentle yet powerful message, The Twelve Gifts for Healing encourages readers to become more aware of their own gifts and to help others to see theirs in turn – making The Twelve Gifts for Healing a cherished companion on life’s journey.