The Twelve Gifts in Marriage

Cover The Twelve Gifts Of Marriage Anyone who’s ever said “I do” knows that a successful marriage takes commitment, hard work, and patience. Marriage is a journey, one that requires a couple to use all of their inherent gifts if they are to steer a true and steady course. The Twelve Gifts in Marriage provides insight that all couples on this journey will cherish.

The Twelve Gifts in Marriage opens with a parable: an elderly couple cautions a young bride and groom that their life together won’t always be blissful or easy, but that their love will grow deeper with time if they remember to put into practice twelve innate gifts – among them strength, faith, and compassion.

For the couple just starting out in their life together, this fable will help them navigate the road ahead. For the couple in the midst of their travels, it encourages appreciation of destinations reached as well as perspective on what is yet to come.

This beautifully-illustrated keepsake book from the author of The Twelve Gifts of Birth and The Twelve Gifts for Healing offers hope and inspiration to readers, whether they are newlyweds or couples celebrating a Golden Anniversary.