Put Love Bricks in Your Child’s Foundation

colorful bricks titled LOVE BRICKS Put Love Bricks in your child’s foundation every day, right from the start, even before birth.

WHAT ARE LOVE BRICKS? Every little look, gesture, word, touch, response, thought and activity that comes from the heart and conveys love and respect.

WHY DO THIS? With a strong foundation of Love Bricks, a child is better prepared with resiliency and flexibility to weather life’s storms.

Remember The Three Little Pigs story? Each piglet built a house. One of straw. One of wood. One of brick. When the wolf came and …well, you know what happened. Only the brick house was able to withstand the huffing and the puffing.

HOW DO THIS? First, simply remember the term “Love Bricks” and the notion of fortifying Love Bricks the strength in your child. You might want to visualize colorful blocks of loving energy as you parent each day. (My husband and I have been doing this for the past four years, since our twin grandbabies were born. After every visit with them, we like to savor the joy of having them in our lives and to reflect on some of the ways we said We love you. We care about you. You are important to us by telling stories, reading books, playing games, planting seeds, preparing pizza with their help…to name a few.)

Next, intend to place Love Bricks in the foundation of your growing child.
There are hundreds, thousands, millions of little ways to do this.
One is simply giving your child your full attention. Many more are suggested on the WAYS TO NURTURE THE GIFTS IN YOUR CHILD mini poster.

Even though children don’t consciously remember things from the first few Mother and Daughter with Blocks years of life, every touch, sound, word, gesture… it’s all within their experience and will be a part of them for their entire life. The coos and cuddles, the words of praise and encouragement, the soothes and comforts, the giggles and smiles, the gentle caresses, the being fully present…they sense it all.