Ways To Nuture

“As we start to draw a map to happiness, it looks as if compassion – for ourselves and for others – is shaping up to be a major landmark.” 
~ Miriam Boleyn-Fitzgerald


Studies are showing that children who learn about kindness, courage, inner strength and beauty – all their gifts – tend to share more, like school and do well there, and are happier than children in whom these gifts are not cultivated.  Here you’ll find some ways to nurture The Twelve Gifts in the children you love.

Along with actual activities, there are ideas and approaches to consider. Inspirational quotes and anecdotes too. Please return often to see what’s been added and to share your suggestions and experiences too.


Love Bricks Crayons Lemons
For Your Child's FoundationColoring PagesMake Lemonade
Photo InterpretationSeize OpportunitiesTreasure Chest Activities
Magic MirrorWe All Have Gifts to Share VideoCollect Symbols
Creative ExpressionThe Twelve Gifts of Birth Music - Susan Kay WyattDownload Poster
Get Vitamin NRespond, Don't React


Look under “Books” also. There you’ll find a suggested selection of stories that demonstrate the gifts to help children better see and understand them.