Magic Mirror


Magic Mirror When you were growing up, did you ever wish you had a fairy godmother, like Cinderella did? Chances are, like most children, at some point you yearned for an “enchanted protector” to show up and transform a painful situation.

Now that you’re grown, have you ever wished you could be a fairy godmother or super hero? As parents, there may be times when we’d like to simply and easily “fix” things for our children.

It’s probably fortunate that we mothers and fathers don’t have magic wands; because, while it would be wondrous to witness sudden, sparkling transformations, such quick fixes would rob our sons and daughters of opportunities to cultivate their innate good character and learn problem-solving skills.

Although we don’t have the ability to be super heroes, we do have the power Father Being a Magic Mirror to be “magic mirrors.” In fact, we are always mirrors of some sort for our children. The question is: What are we reflecting to them? What are we telling them with our words, facial gestures, and actions? Your child’s self-worth and self-confidence will more readily develop if, when she looks into your eyes, she sees the love you have for her; if she hears in your words and in the tone of your voice how much you care for her; and if she picks up, by your actions, the sense that she is a meaningful part of your life. You can be a magic mirror by showing her that you value her and believe in her.
Every day, we have the power to mirror to all the children in our lives their beauty, their strength, their courage, all of their gifts. Sometimes when we do this, miracles happen.

Can you recall a time when someone was like a magic mirror for you? Consider the anecdote shared here.



“I was in 4th grade. Hidden by a dark heavy sweater. Shy. Scared all the time. I felt stupid. I did not do well in school and received a lot of D’s and F’s. My teacher, Mrs. Hill, came up to me one day and said ‘Pammy, you know, you are very smart.’ I am getting chills as I write this. That changed my life. That little statement. I started getting A’s. No one had ever told me I was smart. Many years went by. One day I went back and thanked her. And here I am, 67 yrs old, and Mrs. Hill is in my prayers every morning because she believed in me. There is always someone who believes in you. Just keep your heart open to receive. Thank you, Mrs. Hill!” – Pammy, Los Angeles, CA